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Puzzlements Support

Hello and sorry you're having a problem with the Puzzlements mailer!

If you're accessing the site from a school network or using a school email address, you'll need to contact your district's tech folks. They're almost certainly doing something funky.

Otherwise, here is my best advice if you're not receiving the emails:

  1. Sign up using a personal email account (gmail/yahoo/etc), not a school/district email account.
  2. Check your spam or junk folders.
  3. If you signed up with a district email, contact your IT people for support. They are probably filtering email in some way.
  4. Whitelisting or adding ian@byrdseed.com to your contact list may also help the emails to get through.

If the links are being blocked somehow at your school, you'll (again) need to get your tech people to fix it since they are the ones who broke it!